Sunday, 11 September 2011

A swaddled owl??

Hello and welcome to the swaddled owl blog!

Firstly a bit of background, we're 30 year old first time parents to be (I'm 38 + 4 weeks as I type), we're fairly clueless as neither of us have come from families with lots of small babies about

I'm not one for gushing about children/babies and only in the last handful of years have I realised I do actually have a biological clock... so this blog is me sharing my pregnancy and parenting discoveries in a hopefully non-fluffy fashion (but forgive me if I do turn into a mushy Mum)

So a swaddled owl?? What is that all about?

Well firstly let me introduce Mr Hibs the owl, out of curiosity I ventured into a certain bear shop with my friend who was getting an actual bear for her little girls first birthday, I was completely terrified by all the 'accessories' you could purchase with your bear! However in the pile of animals you could have filled to become a squishy bear were some owls, on further inspection I realised they were perfect for my growing bump and purchased an owl (however no accessories for the owl and this will remain the case). We have some French heritage on Hubs side so I was intending to refer to the owl as 'Hibou' however my French pronunciation is poor to awful so I've settled on 'Mr Hibs'

This is not the first time Mr Hibs has been involved in baby prep, he got taken to ante-natal classes so we could demonstrate how to calm a crying baby (I wish I could have got hubs face on camera at this point) and I also took him along to a maternity shoot which was sweet.

So yesterday we got the last few bits including a swaddle wrap which I'm keen to try out for the first month, I suggested we try swaddling the owl just to see how it works, and there you have it a swaddled owl!

I also suggested trying out nappies on the owl and instead of the laughter I expected somehow we ended up trying out nappies on the owl....

Until we find something else to wrap/dress the owl in he remains in the crib awaiting the arrival of our first baby *gulp*

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  1. That swaddle wrap is gorgeous! The owl is so cute, love that you are practicing everything on him, i'd be the same! Looking forward to reading your posts on here :-)