Thursday, 15 September 2011

A blue cross on a plastic stick

So 'the moment'....

This is my own personal opinion of trying to achieve the famous 'BFP' (big fat positive to those who haven't encountered the zillion and frankly bamboozling number of acronyms involved in pregnancy) but hopefully it'll be of some hope/help to readers out there

I've always believed in halting your chosen method of contraception, getting on the folic acid supplements and then, well, seeing what happens!!

It's kinda weird when you've spent a section of your life actively avoiding pregnancy and pregnancy tests are an instrument of fear to then re-think the whole thing.

I'd decided to only test if no AF (hopefully you know this one), so first month a bit late, tried a test and nothing, no great surprise and I'd have probably died of shock if it had been positive, it would have been nice to have told people over Christmas but just a minor thing.

And then came a certain awards ceremony in January, now this went against my testing theory but I was aware of dates etc and just how much drinking would occur at said awards bash, I honestly thought nothing would have happened as it was a very stressful month including my Gran dying about 2 weeks beforehand and moving house! However I also knew I'd have felt really bad if I'd drunk myself under the table and then had a positive result later that week...
So there I was at 06:30 on the morning of the awards ceremony, in the bathroom with my magic plastic stick, the control line came across and I left it for a while, then I looked back and nearly fell over as there was now a blue cross! I think I may have exclaimed something a bit rude and went downstairs to show hubs whilst I was shaking like a leaf!
So that was 'the moment'. It was all a bit surreal after that as I had to get myself to London so I pulled on my party dress (already underwear was a bit of an issue!) and set off, now bearing in mind I didn't really know where I was going as we were in a new area, so there I was fairly early on a Friday morning loitering around a bus stop in a party dress!
I had a brilliant party and managed to not say anything although a couple of people guessed, then the next day I purchased another test from boots in waterloo station, got home and same result, so then all the phonecalls started!

So there you have it! That day in January feels like yesterday but here we are over 39 weeks and I've just attached the number for the labour ward to a kitchen cupboard for the next big moment....

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