Saturday, 18 August 2012


Now I'd just like to start off with the fact that I really dislike the word glamping, but that's what it is!!

Me and Mr love camping, but now we have a small we weren't so sure about a break under canvas (well I wasn't anyway!) so we decided to try something else, we hit upon a break in an airstream caravan (for those of you who haven't heard of airstreams they're shiny caravans from america).

This is our first year of trying to book a holiday in peak school holidays...we were in for a bit of a shock! After many many hours deciding on our mini break we found and luckily they had a Monday - Friday break available which was just perfect for us!

So we arrived on the Monday, the owners Kevin & Jenni are lovely and provided a change mat, fold up bath, highchair and steriliser which meant we didn't have to quite pack the kitchen sink (just nearly). We were staying in a van called Peggy who was very fab

It was a little bit of a juggle with the travel cot but we would settle the small one (nearly 11months now!) on his mattress on our bed then when we went to bed we set up  his travel cot in the lounge area and transferred him into there.
However he LOVED the caravan, he was pulling himself up and looking at everything and loved waving at his reflection when eating in the highchair outside.

We had a busy few days despite the crummy weather half-way through including going to Moors valley park with the bikes and trailer and we took him on his first mini railway ride which he loved too!

Only downside of the holiday was still having to use the campsite showers and loo block (apart from the middle of the night, phew) but overall we had a fab time and would defn recommend an airstream break to anyone, good fun and great to do something different!

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