Thursday, 10 January 2013

Limbo Land

Well here I am in 'Limbo Land' and I don't like it....

I remember this phase well from last time, you've got the positive test, you then wait FOREVER for the 12 week scan & then with baited breath, there it is, a little baby and all seems well, phew!

Next phase is waiting for the 16 week midwife appointment where you get to hear the hearbeat, now this is the phase I find the hardest, there are no definite movements yet (a couple of maybe that was something) and all you can do is just hope everything is ok!
This has been made worse this time by a mild scare last week*, I've been told that most likely everything is ok but they won't send me for a scan. I called the midwife who was really helpful, I asked if I could come into a 'drop-in clinic' for a heartbeat listen, she said yes I could but it might be too early to pick up! So do I go?? I might get to hear the hearbeat which would be amazing or I might still hear nothing...

So for now I wait in limbo land....hoping...

*If you know me and I haven't mentioned this please don't be offended, I just really didn't feel like talking about it before

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